Fun Video Clips

I know... Both of these clips are of Allison. But, she is just SO entertaining sometimes.

What do you do in the car on a road trip? Apparently, this is what goes on in the carseat that I don't usually get to see from the front seat.

Allison LOVES her Baby. In fact, she sleeps with this doll every night. She thought it was great fun to put her Baby in the drawer of the hotel nightstand & slam it shut. No fingers were injured or pinched in the process.

I know I MAY be biased, but I have the cutest kids. As much as they drive me crazy sometimes, I love them all very much.


Oh what a little sweetheart!!!! And that one with her in the carseat it was like watching one of those monkeys that they teach sign language to. So fricken funny! What a character.

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