Summer Fun

My intention was to let the girls play in the sprinkler, but we had a few issues with it. So, we ended up just taking turns with the hose. I think they still had fun... What do you think?

Amelia is the older sister & had a harder time letting Adelaide take her turn.

They both thought it was great to spray the other & also to be the one running away.

I told Mia to spray herself. I didn't quite mean for her to spray herself inthe face. It was funny though. Boy, was she ever surprised!

Allison stayed away from the other girls (for the most part). She was able to find one little puddle to step in. It really was more of a wet spot on the concrete rather than a puddle. This didn't stop her from stepping & jumping. Too cute!

The wind was blowing, and Adelaide got cold but didn't want to go in the house. So, she crawled underneath the toddler climber thing & curled up there for a while.

Well, along came Allison.

Can you still see Adelaide curled up in the back? She was a little crowded.
Allison was also thrilled to discover that she is now big enough & coordinated enough to climb up onto the climber & go down the slide. Apparently, she is also able to climb UP the slide. She had a BLAST!


The pic of her spraying herself in the face is a classic! Too funny. And the fact that little Allison wants to be a part of everything her big sisters do is so sweet! Cute girls Kim, very cute girls!!

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