Magnify Your Calling...

I love the Beehives. They are SO fun. Just to give you a little background... One of the girls shared that one of her family's traditions is to have an annual "Shaving Cream Fight". She has mentioned it to the girls several times & they thought it sounded really fun. Well, I did give in & plan a shaving cream fight for our class activity on Tuesday. First of all, I had a few ideas about how things would go down. I figured that we would be squirting each other from a distance. Boy was I wrong! There was no distance at all. You had to squirt it in your hand & either throw the "blob" or smear it on your target. I got cans of shaving cream @ the dollar store & planned 2 cans for each girl. This proved to be more-than-adequate. I also planned to have a water balloon fight. The girls almost didn't want to do them, because they thought it was funny to be covered in shaving cream. And, when I say covered...I mean COVERED. It was tons of fun, but SO messy. We had shaving cream in our hair & lots of us ended up with it down their backs.
I am so thankful for my Beehive Advisor. I didn't plan very well. - I did bring a hose & just assumed that I would be able to hook it up & hose everyone down. Well, apparently, you need a special key/tool thing to be able to turn on the water. I was covered in shaving cream - I don't know what "Plan B" would be if my advisor would not have been able to take care of the water for me. It's not like we could have walked down the hall to shower in the ladies room.

The girls that came (5 out of 7) had a blast, as did I. I hope I don't get them into trouble, though. - Now they want to see if they can smuggle cans of shaving cream into camp next week. Oops...


OHMYGOODNESS!!!! Kim you have got to be the BEST Young Women's leader ever!!!! That looks like it was so much fun!!! Wouldn't that have been fun when we were young? YOU ROCK!!! And I LOVE the new background so cute!!!!!!!!!
normal mom said…
Kim you are so great! I would have totally vetoed that idea. You may not think this, but I sure hope you are around in two years when a certain red-head I know turns 12!

Good for you!

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