Happy Father's Day

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day! I think Bryan had a good day. For breakfast, I made him fried potatoes and biscuits & gravy....mmmmm. But, my favorite was that we had enchiladas for dinner. No one would eat them except me & Bry though. How can I feed my kids if THEY keep changing the rules!?! I was under the impression that everyone liked my (well, Nana's) enchiladas. Well apparently, Adam had a problem with the flavor of the cheese (cheddar), Amelia cried about not being able to poke it & get it on her fork (and could not / WOULD not be convinced that it could be "scooped"), and Adelaide... well, I'm pretty sure she confuses enchiladas with lasagna (that she won't eat either), but she was asleep anyway. So, Allison, Bryan & I enjoyed enchiladas while Adam asked several times if he had to finish & Amelia cried. In fact, she cried for so long that when I asked her if she knew why she was crying, she stopped for a minute & said, "No." Bry & I couldn't help but snicker a little. As you can guess, this set her of again. Oh Well.

All of the kids decided that they needed to pick something for daddy. Adam gave him a gift card to Sears. Amelia chose a VERY purple tie that was not exactly Bryan, so I helped her choose a more "masculine" one. It still had purple & she said she liked it better. Adelaide, on the other hand, is another story. As we walked into Kohls toward the men's section, there was a display with men's polo shirts. Well, she spotted a light pink one with royal blue stripes. Don't get me wrong, it is a nice shirt. I just wasn't sure if Bry would like a "PINK" shirt. Too girl-y?? Anyway, try as I might, she was going to give daddy the pink shirt. He says he likes it. We'll see.


LOL I love that Adelaide got him a girly shirt!! What a good daddy to agree to wear it!! And I love the fact that Amelia couldn't remember why she was crying. ROFLOL!! Happy Father's Day Bry!

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