GJ Mecherle AKA State Farm Park

For those of you who don't know, there is a private park that is only open to State Farm Employees & their familes. They allow guests to accompany them, but there are rules about when & how many, etc. Anyway, this is where we have been spending a little time. There is a huge pool & clubhouse. I have to drive a little furthur, but I don't have to BUY a pool pass for the summer. The clubhouse is really nice. It just opened last summer. There's a snack bar with pretty reasonable prices, a large patio area over-looking the lake, locker rooms, etc.

This is the kiddie-area. You can see that there is a large splash-park play area. Behind it, there is a jungle-gym with a tube side into the water below. This is an L-shaped zero-depth pool that is only 1.5 ft deep. It was nice to sit in the water & have Allison walk around me & try to climb me. She was getting more & more adventurous. Amelia & Adelaide loved jumping of the side and splashing a lot.

What Mia REALLY liked was the yellow slides. I think the water was 2 ft here? It was shallow enough for Mia to stand with the water about @ her shoulders (armpits if she's on tiptoes). I guess on Monday, she went down the slide over and over again while myfriend, Syndy caught her. Yesterday, Mia figured out that she only wanted us to use 1 hand to catch her. - She could probably do it by herself, but she didn't want to go under the water & needed a little extra confidence.

The pool also has its own version of a lazy river. Mia & I were looking for Syndy & ended up on the river. She liked it so much, we ended up abandoning our search & went around 3 or 4 times. Later, I got Adelaide to go with me. She liked it too. I think everyone had a great time.


What a great time you guys had. I am so glad. This truly looks like a great place to hang out all summer. Count me in. The kids and I can be there in 3 hours. LOL Of course I can't afford a plane ticket so it may be a while. LOL

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