Diving Board Day!!!

Last night was "Diving Board Day" at swim lessons. I talked to Mia about it several times during the day... She was determined that she was NOT going to go off the diving board. - There was absolutely NO WAY she would be doing it. She said it was "too scary".

Well, one of the first things Hannah did with her when they got into the water, was to put a life vest on her & talk to her about why we wear life jackets & how they can make us float. Mia was excited that she floated on her back without Hannah's arms holding her up. Hannah was very enthusiastic about Mia jumping off the diving board & explained that she would be in the water below to catch her. Mia came around to the idea & did it! I know she was still a little scared, but she did it anyway. Way to go Mia!!!

Here's the video clip. She is very slow and careful. The manager lady practically drops her off the edge into the water, rather than her jumping. But, she did it - even though she was scared.

Adam also had to wear a life jacket. It was good for him too. - He seems a little apprehensive to jump into water that is very deep.

Here are some more misc. pics of Adam & Mia in swim lessons. Today is the last day.... yipee! Now, I have to decide if I'm going to do another session. - And if so, WHO??


YAY MIA!!!!! I am so proud of you sweet girl!! What a brave girl you are!!! I love you and miss you very much. Adam that was cool you jumped too. You rock Dude!

Aunt Jess XOXOXOXO...The kisses are for Mia. Adam is too cool for kisses he gets a high five!

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