Apple Thieves

On Saturday, Chris came over to help Bryan work downstairs in the basement (they started doing some framing work). I tried to get some things done around the house & the kids pretty much ran wild. (Big surprise for a Saturday??) Anyway, it was later in the afternoon & for a snack, I cut up 3 out of 4 BIG, red apples to share between about 5 kids. Adelaide wanted more apples & I told her that we were not going to cut the last apple... that we would save it for another day. Apparently, that was NOT acceptable to her. A little while later, this is what I discovered.
I guess I should just be thankful that my girls were sharing with each other & their friends. I just can't get over this look she gave me. I was not happy that she disobeyed, but how do you explain to this sweet, little face that you cannot steal food?

Well, as if that wasn't enough. They were done after only eating part of the apple. So, having left a half-eaten apple on the floor under the table, along comes Allison to find it. I thought it was so funny to see her chewing on such a big apple!
And of course, there was NO retrieving the apple from her without a fight. She was NOT happy. She's only 16 months (almost) & she's throwing herself on the floor and causing a fuss. I am in trouble with this one....


Syndy said…
I didn't realize that C was in the mix. Sorry about that Thanks for feeding K and Chris lunch and giving us all snacks. YOU ROCK!
Kim said…
It SO was not C's fault in any form. There is NO doubt in my mind that it was all Adelaide.
That is quite possibly the cutest little apple thief ever! I wouldn't be able to mad at her either. And poor Allison. Taking away her apple, you have nerve woman! LOL As for temper tantrums, don't even get me started.

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