What are the Keech's Up To???

Well, I am really looking forward to the end of the school year. I know I'm not very good @ this "Blogging" thing yet, but I thought I would give it another try. I had a hard time deciding where to start. I guess I think it's best to start with the fairly recent & move forward. If I am inspired, maybe I'll go back & post extra tidbits that I haven't been able to share.

Anyway, school is almost out. Adam is restless and ready to be out for the summer. He's a good boy for the most part - Though he drives me crazy sometimes with all his ENERGY. I am severely outnumbered. As much as Adam is crazy, he is a big help with his sisters. I know he gets annoyed, but they love to play with him. Amelia, especially has a hard time understanding that she is only 4 & cannot do EVERYTHING her 9 yr old brother can do. Oh Well.

So, what are we up to? Everyone plays outside a lot. The Amelia & Adelaide love the swings, and Allison just loves everything. It's fun to watch her get down to crawl over a crack in the sidewalk & stop to think twice before walking off into the grass barefoot.

Allison absolutely LOVES the Cozy Coupe! (Coincidently, did I mention I got it at a garage sale for $1? - I love Garage Sales!!)


I absolutely LOVE the pic of Allison in the car with those two cute little pig tails on the top of her head. Fabulous!!! By the way, that IS a smokin' deal on the cozy coupe!

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