Mount Corolla

OK, I decided this one needed its own post. First, I have to explain that right now, while the weather is nice, we have the door open while the kids are outside. So the girls can come in & out, and so I can be inside & still peek to keep track of them. Well, I checked on them & no one was in the yard (we don't have a fence). I called for everyone (Adam is allowed to leave the yard, but must be able to hear me & come when I call). I heard Adelaide call to me & then Amelia came out of the garage. I asked about Adelaide & she said very calmly, "Adelaide is on the car Mommy." I asked why she was on the car & Amelia replied, "I got down myself." Classic - Does anyone else's kids tell on themselves?? Anyway, Adelaide was stuck & scared to get down by herself.

Isn't it just the way families are? The older ones "Teach" the younger ones.


Personally I love the fact that they give themselves away in the beginning of a lie when they look off to the side and say..."UMMMM". That cracks me up. Its almost impossible to keep a straight face. Poor Addy being stuck on the car all by herself. LOL What a couple of cute lil stinkers.
Syndy said…
cute blog. I didn't know it existed until today! How did she get up there? I would have thought she would have slipped off. Kinda like the time I found c on the fridge! Well continue blogging you know I'll read!

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