Just for Fun...

Not too long ago, I got a new laptop. Yup, it's amazing to me how SLOW my old was was actually moving. Anyhoo, I have rediscovered my digiscrapping hobby. (It probably has A LOT to do with the fact that the kids have started school & 2 afternoons a week Allison is gone while Avery naps.) Today, I cranked out this little collage of Miss Avery (who is now 9 months old!). It's very simple, but I really wanted the pictures to shine. It's amazing to see how much this little lady has changed over the last little while.  (Click & it should open larger)
Still no crawling. Every day, as I watch her Booty-scoot across the floor, I am more & more convinced that her next step will be STEPS...Walking, WOW! Hopefully, she'll wait just a little longer for me. If she's true to her siblings, I've got another couple of months. (Please?)


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