Crazy Blizzard!

February 2, 2011 was the day we got a TON of snow. In fact, it's only the 2nd time I've been snowed-in since moving to Illinois (the 1st was the blizzard 4yrs ago that caused Allison to be born a day later on 2/14). This is what I could see from our front door.
Believe it or not, there should be a street here.
Our front steps were COMPLETELY covered with snow.
Not only did it snow, but the wind whipped up & caused the snow to drift. This "wave" by the front door was cool looking.
Here's the backyard. The tricycle is near the edge of the yard & the alley.
Several neighbors spent the day shoveling their driveways, and a couple shovelled a path out to the street. When Bryan went out to shovel our drive, a neighbor came over to help. We have great neighbors.
Monster pile of snow...This is only from doing 1/2 the driveway!
Smile Bryan!
That's a LOT of snow!We were able to get out of our house/driveway, but many people in our subdivision were stuck until the plows finally made it down the list to our neighborhood. The plows finally came through on Thursday. Let me tell you, I am SO glad that it has melted. There was SO much snow piled up everywhere you looked. It's still cold (but not FRIGID), but it looks a little more like spring could be coming now that the snow is gone. Hopefully, we won't get another big storm this winter.


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