Allison is 4!!!

Allison had a birthday....She's 4!!! We decided (well, I conceded) to take the kids to Chuck E. Cheese to play. We bought a bunch of tokens & played for a while. Then, we cashed in our tickets for prizes & hit McDonalds for some dinner. We then headed home for cake & presents. I wish ALL kid birthdays were that easy! The girls ALL loved this ride. Whoopee!Horse race anyone??
Isn't she cute?
She knows she's too cute.Mia liked getting tickets too. Silly girl...Allison had to have a pink cake with pink frosting & sprinkles.Allison may be the ONLY kid who doesn't know how to blow out candles. She couldn't seem to make them go out.


Jess said…
awww she is growing up way too fast! And Kim yet another way cute cake! I wish I had your talent. Happy Birthday Allison, my little priate! Smooches from Aunt Jess!

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