Utah Fun

Well, we've been having so much fun that I haven't had a chance to blog about all our adventures. I just haven't taken the time out to do it. We had a relatively good drive out, considering the fact that Bryan & I drove straight through the night with minimal stops. We got away from home about 1pm & started our trek West. We stopped periodically to eat, and finally shut off the DVD player about 10:30 or 11pm so the kids could get some sleep. Bryan & I took turns driving, but finally had to pull off @ a rest stop about 2:30am to get a couple hours sleep. Ultimately, we made our trip in about 27 hours. Not bad at all.
We got to attend church on July 4th with family, so the girls all got to wear their matching skirts. I had to take some pics.We played fireworks too.In the above picture, you can just make out the parachute above the house. Out of 6 or so, we only got 2 stuck on the roof.
The kids had tons of fun watching us set off some fireworks.
This was Papa's trick. Apparently, it's called a "Punk" (not Adelaide). The end of the rope smolders, you blow on it, then light the fuse. It worked pretty good without having a bunch of flaming matches.
Monday morning, there was a pancake breakfast @ Benson Mill.
The girls walked along in the "Kids' Parade".Adam loves his little cousins, especially little Sharlene.Cousin London with his flag.What else? We've picnicked...Is that even a word?Nana even brought bubbles to play with.
Allison never quite got the hang of bubble blowing...She kept putting her mouth right against her wand. Can you see the big bubble on her chin?
Adam borrowed Josh's knife, so he could widdle a stick. We also went to the $ theater to see "How to Train Your Dragon". The kids enjoyed the movie & they even got to play a little.Uncle Daniel's hair was SO "pretty" the girls wanted to style it for him.The girls & cousin London.Naughty Adam! No splashing...We made a trip out to Provo to go to 7 Peaks Waterpark. I was surprised that the girls enjoyed the wave pool so much.We really liked this little pool. It had some little kid slides & everyone could stand in most places.
Poor London was SO unhappy. He DID NOT want to be in the water. (He's 3 days older than Allison.) He told his dad, "You scare me daddy. I not like water." Poor little guy. There was NO changing his mind.


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