July 4, 2010

Slip & Slide Fun

Just some fun pics of the Slip & Slide. We had one 2 summers ago, and the kids hated it. I guess they're older now, and it was fun....Or, they were desperate for relief from the heat? Either way, they had fun with their $5 Slip & Slide.Go Mia! It took her a little while to get the hang of it.Adam was a Pro the first time...Allison either sat on her bum & scooted, or crawled along on her belly "Commando-Style".Mommy didn't...But Daddy even got in on the fun too.Happy GirlAdelaide loved "slipping".LOVE IT!Enjoy your summer!

1 comment:

The Queen Bee said...

Just a word of warning, NEVER put dish soap on a slip and slid. It's fun for a while until someone gets it in their eyes!

Oh, love the baby tickers too!! So cute.