More Utah Fun

Now that I've been home for a few days from vacation, I guess it's time again to update the blog with pictures galore. We got home from Idaho on Sunday afternoon, and had plans to go to Lagoon on Monday. I spent my time with the 3 little girls & let Adam run off with my brothers & sister. I'm relatively certain that he only rode a couple of rides & spent most of his time in the waterpark. I'm glad he had fun. The girls did enjoy swimming, but mostly wanted to ride the rides.
I actually rode a total of 3 rides. One was the train that went around part of the park, this was another that Allison was too short to ride alone. The last was the kiddie roller coaster. I figured if Allison was big enough to ride it with an adult, I would be fine to ride it prego. Whoopee. Adelaide & Mia liked these swings, but poor Allison was not allowed. She cried the whole time.The obligatory boat ride.Amelia is funny sometimes. She wanted Adelaide to ride with her on some of the rides. I think she wanted some "moral support". Mia was much better when I told her that Allison needed someone to go with her. From that point on, if there were 2 seats, they were together.We all got to ride the Carousel.One of the last rides, they went on was the bumper cars. It was hilarious to hear them giggle as they bumped the other cars.We finally met up with Adam, and he got to ride the train with us.Silly Papa.Silly Becky.A couple of days before we left Utah, Grandma Pat made arrangements to pick up Adam. She had taken "Grandma 2" (Bryan's grandma) to Utah to visit, and wanted to take Adam home to Phoenix with her. She brought the girls some $$, because she said she had missed their birthdays. Very smart to bribe the other kids.After Grandma left with Adam, the girls, Papa & I went to the Gateway Discovery Museum. Have I mentioned that I love my membership to my local museum? It gets me in to lots of stuff free.The girls had a great time exploring many of the exhibits.My mom was feeling under-the-weather, so I took the girls one afternoon & went to let them spend their $$ from Grandma. While we were out, we hit Sonic for lunch. Hey, I have to feed my Chedd'r Pepper craving when I can.After walking around a mall, we ended up making most of our final purchases @ Toys R Us (Go Figure). Allison got a cute little princess Zhu-Zhu Pet. It has a pink tutu just like her.Amelia made out pretty well. She got a used Gameboy game (Barbie Island Princess) and her own Zhu-Zhu pet with a bed.Finally, Adelaide got a new princess dress (with earrings & crown) and dress-up shoes.The dress-up shoes were all the rage...Even London wanted to wear them.I have the cutest niece & nephew.Adelaide & my brother, Josh.The day before we left, we got to go to my great-aunt Jean's house to pick apricots. The trees weren't completely ready yet, but we did pick a bunch of ripe fruit.Yummy Apricots!
I am SO thankful that we got to go on vacation & visit family. I wish Bryan would've been able to spend some time with us, but I Love him even more for sacrificing & living without us for 2 weeks. We missed him, and I know he missed us too. We're SO glad to be home. And, now that I've slept in my own bed a few nights, I would considering making the crazy-long drive to Utah again.


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