Playgroup Fun

Last week, we had a little impromptu egg hunt @ our weekly playgroup - Thanks to a little guy who told his mom that he wanted to have an egg hunt with his friends. That morning, she gave him a bag of M&M's and a bunch of plastic eggs. He faithfully counted out 5 candies for each egg, and even brought extra buckets to share. The kids had a great time. It was a fluke too, that I actually had my camera, so we actually have some pictures. Aren't they cute?
Allison had a fun time. She did get a few, even though she's one of the smaller kids.
There were only 6 buckets and about 12 kids, but they were great about sharing. They even made sure that everybody, who wanted some was able to have eggs.
After they found the eggs (and ate the candies), the kids hid them and found them several more times. So fun!


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