A Night Out with My Girls

Last week, I received a call inviting Bryan & Adam on an 11yr old boy scout campout. They decided that it would be a fun activity, so they disappeared last weekend. The girls got very excited & asked, "What should we do for Girls' Night?" Well, we definitely made the MOST out of our "Girls' Night Out". First, we took off for dinner @ IHOP. I got one free kids meal, though. I guess for April, you get a free kids meal for every adult meal you buy. Cool.Lovin' it up...You're hugging me too hard!Then, where else do girls go that boys complain about? The mall, of course! And of course, there are gumball machines @ EVERY entrance, so the girls convinced me to give them each a quarter. I know...I'm a sucker. Hey, it's "Girls' Night".
We went to Old Navy for sandals. We had to do our best poses with the mannequins.Cute, huh?We did get some new clothes from Kohls...And what trip to the mall would be complete without a cookie from Mrs. Fields?COOKIE!I was questioning my sanity by the end of the evening, but the girls had a great time. After leaving the mall, we went home & the girls watched Barbie & the 12 Dancing Princesses. I think they stayed up until almost 10pm. They went to bed & slept in until almost 8am (trust me, usually they're up @ 6:30am). I was glad, because I stayed up until midnight to finish the 5th Fablehaven book. It was awesome.
It was great to spend the evening together, but I think my next "Girls' Night" will be with big girls. Any takers?


Jess said…
Me, me, me!!! I want a Girl's Night Out!! :)
Jen said…
My kids always hit me up for the gumball/candy machines when we go to mall also. And I usually give in as well. We ARE suckers! It looks like you gals had a great time. I'm looking forward to a little girls night out when Dane and Porter go on the father's and sons camp-out next month. WooHoo!

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