Let's Go Fly a Kite...and Soccer Season Begins. Again.

Well, soccer season has started again. Thankfully, it is now warm enough to actually spend the time outside @ practice & games. I REALLY hate watching soccer games while shivering in my blanket on the sidelines.

This is Adam's last soccer season, so I think we're enjoying it as much as we can. We've spent several evenings @ the park while Adam's team practiced. We've even attempted some Kite-Flying...Well, maybe Kite Running? I think when we bring the kites, there's too little wind or too much. The perfect kite wind inevitably occurs when we don't have them. Oh well.
Mia flying a kite.
Don't run by the trees!
Mia is Kite-Running.
I told the girls to race to that tree. I think Mia got there 1st, but Adelaide beat her on the way back.
Yeah...I'm the papparazi...I'm taking your picture anyway.
Daddy throwing Adelaide. Can't you just hear her giggle?Spinning...around...and around....
...and falling down dizzy.I took a few pics @ the game last week. I figured I should include at least a couple. Run Adam!


Mary said…
Great Spring pictures -- reminds me to get our kite out!

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