Free Haircuts

Every 4-6months, my friend runs into a craigslist posting for free haircuts @ our local Supercuts. I've taken advantage of this before, and it's usually people who are newly hired. While many of them have experience cutting hair, they still have to learn "the Supercuts Way" to do things.

Anywhoo...this time was a little different. I usually go during the day & only take who-ever is home with me (not school-age). This time, I planned to take all 6 of us (4 kids + 2 parents). Second, these young ladies cutting were NEW. For the most part, they did a good job, but they took a LONG time, and the instructor lady hovered over them the entire time. Bryan had some complaints about his hair, but overall I think they did a good job. I left a $5 tip for each girl (X3), so I got 5 haircuts & a bang trim for $15. Not bad at all.
Amelia wanted to go shorter, but had a hard time making her mind up. She got hers cut about shoulder length, so we can still put her hair in ponytails. In contrast, we totally WHACKED Adelaide's hair off. It was really long, but she was easy to talk into a SHORT cut. I love how it turned out.
Bryan giving me a ??? look.Allison just got her bangs trimmed & she was SO excited, she hopped up into the chair, before the girl was able to sweep up Mia's hair. I got a trim & decided to get bangs...Let's just say that they'll grow out again soon enough.I like using my straightener to smooth & flip Mia's hair. Cute, eh?This is definitely my favorite style this time. I love this cut on Adelaide! It fits her personality & is so cute & sassy. It's been a week & she actually asked me this morning if I would flip her hair, because "I just think I look SO cute with my haor flipped!" Funny! But, I'd have to agree.


Jess said…
Adelaide definitely has a cute hairdo! It suits her to a T. I am demanding however that we get to see your bangs which will grow out soon enough. LOL
Jess said…
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