My Tutu Two Year Old

So, this year I made the girls costumes (an experiment to see if I could actually save money, rather than spending $60-75 for 3 Princess dresses). More pictures will be forthcoming as they have a chance to actually wear them. Anyway, I decided a while ago that Allison would be a ballerina. I figured, "How hard could it be to make a tutu?" Well, it didn't turn out quite as I envisioned, but with some trimming & adjustments, it DID turn out pretty cute.The only problem, now Allison won't take it off. If she sees it, she takes it & (even though she still has trouble putting on NORMAL clothes) puts it on. So...Today she is wearing a pink tutu over her clothes, even though it doesn't match & it's NOT Halloween. Whatever. I guess I should be glad that she wants to wear it.


Jess said…
Awww she is so precious!!! What an adorable tutu!! You are such a good mommy!!
Jen said…
Of course it matches!! Didn't you see the little pink flowers in her pants? It's adorable and so is she! Great job!

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