Curly Shirley

You would think that with 3 little girls, I would have LOTS of opportunities to do cute stuff with their hair. Well, more often than not, they are content with a simple headband or pony tail, sometimes 1 or 2. And occasionally, they will let me braid their hair.

Often, if I want to actually "style" their hair, I am in for a fight. One day, while rummaging through my bathroom cabinet, Amelia found the foam rollers & decided she wanted curls. Isn't she cute in her rollers & nightgown?Unfortunatey, it was rainy the next day so the curls didn't stay as long as they might have. But, her hair turned out super-cute.Very curly & bouncy. I think the bounce was her favorite part. My favorite was watching her walk, so her hair bounced as she went. Funny.Isn't she sweet?Yes, we can't forget Allison's attempt at the spotlight. She thought she was so funny blowing spit-bubbles.


Jess said…
Love the curls, Love the spit bubbles...LOVE LOVE LOVE those cutie pie girls!! yes even the slobbery one!! LOL
Pendragon said…
wow. that's some wicked curls!

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