Road Trip

Grandma & Grandpa came to visit & to bring Adam home. They have to be back in Dallas to fly home to AZ on Wednesday (I think). Well, we decided to take a little weekend road trip. Yesterday, we left the house in the morning. Bryan & his mom wanted to go back to a cemetary that we've visited before, so we took the LONG way to St. Louis. We had a few wrong turns & had to back-track a couple of times, but with the help of a "local", we arrived. The kids & I stayed in the car. - NO ticks for us. Adam made especially sure that EVERYONE knew he wasn't getting out. (Last time, he ended up with ticks ON HIM.)

After leaving the cemetary, we drove back into town. Yeah, did I mention that this cemetary is ON someone's property in the middle of NOWHERE Missouri? Yay. So fun (NOT!). I was really worried that Bryan brought ticks with him, so he had to take a few minutes to check. He wasn't a mealo, but he did have 3 (I think) that stowed-away in his pockets.

While we were stopped, we quickly realized that our driver's side window was stuck in the down position. How the heck it happened, I'll never know. It just pooped out. We stopped in the little town, but they didn't have a part to fix it (duh). So, we drove the 70+ miles on the freeway into St. Louis with the window down. Aaah! We saw a Mazda dealer, but their mechanics had all left for the day. Bummer. This morning, Bryan, Allison & I spent 2 hours at the mazda dealer. Luckily, they had the part & squeezed us in. But now, I only have one arm & one leg...because that's how much it cost. $$$$

My Inlaws took Adam, Amelia & Adelaide to the St. Louis Science Center for the day. I'm so thankful that they were able to do that. I know they all had a fun time. Tonight, we went out to have BBQ. Our friend's went on vacation to Tennessee & Georgia not to long ago. I was so jealous hearing about all the yummy food they were sampling along the way. Well, we went to "Pappy's Smokehouse" here in St. Louis. It was super-delicious! My MIL said it's the best pulled pork she's had. It was a counter-service, quick, pretty reasonably priced, and had huge portions. So YUMMY! They even had these sweet-potato fries seasoned with brown sugar (eyes roll back & gurgle like Homer Simpson). I would definitely recommend it.

I think we're off to the zoo tomorrow. I hope the weather is OK. I think Bry may want to go UP in the arch too. We'll have to see about that one...


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