Nail Polish!!

Sometimes, I think why the heck did I let the kids (insert incident). Well, other times I figure that it can't hurt to let the girls do some things on their own. We were out, and I let the girls pick some nail polish. My initial plan was for ME to paint their nails, but the girls begged me to let them paint their nails themselves. They had a GREAT time.Amelia actually did a pretty good job on hers.Adelaide, on the other hand, needs a little more work on her fine-motor skills.She just kept painting. I think she had 4-5 coats of polish, when all was said & done.Aren't they beautiful??Yes, I did break out the remover & clean-up the edges. It's been a while though, and they're begging to paint them again. Ah, I don't know...maybe later.


Jess said…
Mikiboo is always begging me to let her paint her nails or mine! Every few months I break down and give in. haha

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