All Caught Up - Adelaide's Birthday Fun

I think with this last post, I'm ALL caught least with the blog anyway.

Adelaide had a good birthday. We missed Adam, but it was fun. We started the day by going to the Children's Museum with the Clarks. Isn't she a cutie?For dinner, Adelaide picked Los Potrillos.
They call it "the horsey place".
We enjoyed our chips & salsa with our Mexican food. Well, Adelaide enjoyed her fried mac & cheese and fries.After dinner, we went home for cake & presents.So Cute!
Adelaide was thrilled to get a hula hoop. She has really gotten VERY good at it to. I am surprised how much she ended up liking it.After the cake, daddy took us out to see Ice Age 3 at the theater. It was a little difficult with Allison wanting to climb up & down, but the girls had fun. Happy birthday! I can't believe she's 4!


Jess said…
Happy Birthday Adelaide!! She is so cute with that hula hoop! That cupcake cake was great! Did you make it yourself? If so you have mad skills girl!
Midwest Keech said…
I WISH my skills were as good as that! No, this little gem came from Sam's Club. I love Sam's. It was a 5" cake with (I think 10 cupcakes around it). Very fun.
Anonymous said…
You have the cutest little girls. I have always enjoyed your blog even if I don't write often. I enjoy your comments on my blog too.
Love ya, Aunt Detta

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