Reading Confession...

OK, so I know many of my friends LOVE to read. Well, many of you know that I don't particularlly enjoy it. I LOVE the Harry Potter Series which I listened to on audiobook. I began listening to the Twilight Series (and enjoyed it), because many of my friends were excited about it. However, something has come over me lately. I actually tried to PUSH myself through a book for fun. I don't think that's happened since high school & those trashy romance novels I borrowed from Jessica (you know the hot & steamy "I should throw this out" kind?). Anyway, not too long ago, I read Wicked & the sequel Son of a Witch. Then, I did finish the Twilight series by listening to Breaking Dawn on my computer as I worked to complete misc. projects.
After that, while I was searching for some books my son, I noticed Fablehaven. A couple of my friends have read it (not near as many as Twilight), and I've heard good things. It is such a good book! I really like it. I finished book 1, then hurried out to get book 2. I loaned book 1 to a friend who looks forward to reading it too.
Adam (my 9yr old) has asked about the plot, and if I thought he could read it after he finishes the series he is currently reading. He loves reading already, but I think he is interested to see me reading something for a change. Especially that it is Fantasy rather than non-fiction. I like this so much, it would even be good for Adam & I to read together.
Last night, I went to bed with ONE chapter left in the book. I was simply too tired to continue reading. I finished book 2 this morning, but now I'm dying to start book 3! Trouble is that book 4 won't be out until April 2009. So, do I wait now? Or wait later? I really like the story. It is a little transparent & predictable at times, but there is enough suspense, adventure & mystery to make it a really good story.

I know Jess...Who am I? And what did I do with Kim.


normal mom said…
I'm so glad you love Fablehaven because I went to high school with Brandon. His dad was my seminary teacher and his mom did my make-up for a competition play.
If you like Fablehaven, you would probably love Candy Shop Wars, also by Brandon. Hafe just read it to the girls. I actually liked Candy Shop Wars better than Fablehaven. But I am reading Fablehaven 2, just have to see how it all pans out.
YAY Kimmy!!!! I am so excited that you have discovered a love for reading!! I ahve been trying for years to get you to enjoy reading. Its about time! 80)

I just got back to my house from a group book club meeting. We had so much fun dissecting the books. I have Fablehaven on my reading list and now I think I will send you a link to my Goodreads Page. he he he LOVE YOU!!!! Muah!
Rukia said…
Brandon (the author) is an awesome guy! He's super funny and easy going... i took classes from him in creative writing :) (tho, i confess, i'm a terrible reader too. but, i'm doing better)
Rukia said…
oh, also, if you like the fablehaven series, you might also like the brand new "Far World" series, written by one of brandon's friends, "J. Scott Savage". The first was just released last month.

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