Let's Get Some Apples

On Friday, my friend (Sharon) was going to go to an apple orchard near Peoria to pick up apples. She asked around to see who wanted her to pick-up some for them. It ended up that a few of us made a day out of it & took the kids. Syndy & Sharon and Amy & I rode together. We had a good trip. The kids were occupied watching a DVD on the way up, but were definitely ready to get out when we arrived.The kids found this cool, weird-looking, fuzzy caterpillar. We had to keep telling the kids not to step on it & I had to pick up Allison. I don't know about the others, but my girls see a bug & they have to squish it.Ah...Allison & her pirate smile. Arrr!I think we all let the kids pick a pumpkin. It's funny...I ask Mia to show me her punkin' & she holds it over her head. If you look behind her, C has his pumpkin on his head. Amy's getting ready or just finished taking a picture. Too funny.Again, Adelaide is showing me an acorn squash she found. - Over her head. The kids (and I) loved seeing all the veggies, especially all the varieties of squash. I picked up some cheap, good-looking acorn squash & buttercup squash to try.Adelaide likes the punkin' she chose.He's a cutie, don't ya think. Sharon's son, A, is one of the boys that are in prechool with the girls.I bought 2 Bushels of apples, hoping that I would have enough to make applesauce & apple chips. I think I underestimated how many apples it would be. The apples were bagged by 1/2 bushel, so I had 4 bags. Just to get an idea, a bushel of apples is about 42 lb. and would fill (or more) a small round laundry basket. I have a lot of apples. I think it will be a good thing though. I'm almost through the first 1/2 bushel. I want to start the dehydrator tomorrow. I think I want to do that the most. Mmmm...Apple Chips, Yummy!


~paulette said…
i remember picking little pumpkins out when i was a kid. it was the highlight of my halloween. dad would want us to cut the little ones up (jackolanterns) too, but i'd just use sharpy-markers on mine so it would die so fast.

sorry i haven't been around lately. i've disappeared from everyone's blog this last few weeks. oh well, i'm back :)
La Smala said…
Looks like fall is there! It' s here too, we are below 100 degrees, YEAH!!! Love those pumkins of yours, especially the ones with the black hair holding the orange ones :) Your girls are the cutest, love'em!

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