A Morning OUT

What a funny morning. The girls had some coupons for a free doughnut & Adam had a certificate for a free soccer ball (from a local tire place). We...well, I decided that we would get dressed, go get the free ball & then grab some doughnuts for breakfast. Right now, (because I haven't put them away) the girls' clean clothes are in a hamper in my room. Adelaide was proud that she found her own dress out of the "hamster" in my room. Then, Amelia was talking about how she needed a shirt & was the "hamster" still in my room. It cracked me up! I just thought it was SO cute & funny that I didn't even correct them. Maybe next time.

Here's Adam & the new ball that he's all excited about. He asked all about why they would give out free balls. I talked to him about the fact that it's advertising. We had to give them a certificate with our name & address. And, their company name is on the ball also. Hey, Free is Free. - Besides, I gave them Bry's name, email & phone # - NOT mine.
I didn't think to pull out my camera until we were almost done this morning. We were finishing up our doughnuts & the kids were making faces.

This video is of Allison. She has developed the cheesiest, goofiest smile when she sees the camera. Great...ANOTHER camera hog!


~paulette said…
LOL--James says that allison's funny face looks just like her dad. (tehehehe--he said it, not me)
Papa said…
Mom, these hot dogs taste just like rubber.

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