I am in a funny mood today. I guess I'm rying to remind myself that I don't want to get-rid-of my kids? They seem to be driving me a little crazier than usual. The older 3 just seem to be fighting & quarelling a lot with each other more & more. Yesterday, they all spent the afternoon on their beds. So, I happened to start going through my video clips of the kids, and I found a few I wanted to share.

Adam is a good boy. He has a great sense of humor & loves to laugh. I hope he continues to make me laugh & find humor in things without having to be the "class clown".
He's picky...but he'll eat underwear??

Amelia loves to sing & she is a great big sister (most of the time). She wants others to participate with her & have fun. She will be a good leader & can be very loving toward others.
Mia really liked the Wiggles for a while & Rock-a-Bye-Bear was her favorite song. She's just so cute.

Adelaide is my "mama's girl". She is so loving & sensitive. If she is reprimanded, she wants a hug or something to let her know you still love her. When Allison was born, she had a huge adjustment to make. Some days she's still adjusting, but she loves her brother & sisters very much, and she is very willing to help others.

You can't see her very well, but Adelaide cries the entire time. She doesn't want daddy holding the baby.

My kids drive me crazy, but I love them all. I know...OK, I hope they will grow out of the fighting-over-EVERY-single-little-thing phase. Eventually, they'll learn to express themselves better. I think I can hang-on until then.


~paulette said…
seems there was more than one of your kids not wanting daddy to hold the baby. LOL they're all so beautiful! I can't believe how big they're getting. Adam's going to have his hands full when they all turn teens. tehehehhe

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