Rag Curls

OK, so lately I've been looking at a couple of blogs that have hairstyles & little-girl do's. My faves are Girly Do's & She Does Hair. Well, I came across a post on how to do rag curls, and I decided to give them a try. I like the girls hair curly, but (like many little girls) their hair seems to need a lot of product to help hold the curl. So, I gave the girls a bath & put rags in their hair, so they would be bouncy for Sunday. Aren't they just too cute??When Adelaide woke in the morning, she found 2 of her rags had fallen out. She was upset, because I had told her that night NOT to pull them out. Once she realized I wasn't angry, the water works stopped. She didn't really care. I think maybe Adelaide's hair was too short. It was harder to do hers too. I ended up using my straightener to curl her hair under a little. She's still a cutie though. What a great smile! Amelia loved the idea that she would have curls. We have 1pm church & I left her rags in until after she ate lunch. She could hardly wait to see what her hair would look like.She was very happy with it. Can you tell she knows she looks good?Amelia's hair seemed to curl very well. It even had some body left after I brushed it out the next day. This picture is so funny. She has SO much personality...What a HAM!!!Who wouldn't love the brown eyes??


The Queen Bee said…
That pic of Amelia is so cute. What attitude! You are in trouble girl!
Dad said…
Part puppy dog?
So cute! I love Amelia's attitude look too! LOL
Cute cute cute curls!!! I love it when I curl Mikiboo's hair with her little spongecurlers. But its alot of work a) because she has so much hair and B because just like me her hair has to be washed and completely dry or it'll still be wet when I take them out the next morning, poor kid! But your girls are such cutie pies with their hair all curled!

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