My Nursery?

Allison's birthday is Valentine's Day, February 14th. That means that on my birthday, August 14th, Allison is 18 months old & officially old enough to go to the Nursery @ church. Adelaide is in the nursery until January (when she goes to Sunbeams). This morning, we asked Adelaide if she would like Allison to go to nursery with her. Adelaide's reply was something like, "Yeah. When Allison is a big girl, she can come to my nursery."

Well, I took Allison into the nursery this afternoon to see how she would react. She was fine. I stayed for a while, but then slipped out to go to YW. The teachers said she did great. So, it's technically a week early, but my BABY is in nursery.

It's a great thing, but I still have mixed fellings. She's so little. Can she really be this big? On the other hand, I can actually participate & enjoy my other meetings without her. Bry said that Allison was so excited to see him. I love that! It's awesome when the kids are great for someone & then they are SO excited (and a little surprised) to see you.

On a side note, Adam brought home a "handout" from his primary class today. It was a brick. His teacher wrote the scripture Helaman 5:12 " is upon the rock of our Redeemer..." Too funny, but very creative.


NOOOOO!!!!! Allison cannot be old enough to go into nursery yet. I am so sad. I have not gotten to see this little babygirl grow up like I did with Adam and Mia. Next you'll be telling me Addie is dating too. LOL I miss those kids, I miss you and Bry too. 80)
The Queen Bee said…
It's a huge milestone for you when all of your kids are in another class than you. Talk about freedom. When C went into Sunbeams that was hard for me. Anyway congrats.

Oh and about the brick K got one last week what's up with that? I was a little concerned that she would drop it on the floor and crack my flooring. She is not allowed to carry it around the house!
~paulette said…
my little niece use to ask us all the way through Sacrament-Meeting if it was time to go to Nursery (quite loudly too, i might add). All week long she waited for Nursery (not church) and then she'd cry all the way home afterwards. Poor little thing. Let's see--she's three now.

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