Let's be Princesses

On Tuesday night for YW, we had a swimming activity. It was lots of fun with games & races & lots of fun. It was funny to hear some of the girls "playing" princesses. I used to play the same way as a kid in my parents' pool in AZ. This also reminded me of something I found on another blog I read. It's a Princess Quiz. Which Princess are You??
You Are Ariel!
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Headstrong and fiesty. You have a mind of your own that's full of romantic dreams about the world around you. Exploring exotic places is your ultimate dream, and although you can be a little naive you'll realize that there is something to be gained from your family's wisdom.

Which Disney Princess Are You?


I was Pocahontas: "Free-spirited and wise. You have a strong passionate spirit that touches and changes all who know you. The wisdom and common sense that you have is really what guides you through life. Even so, you also have a very playful side that loves adventure and excitement."

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