Kids Say Funny Things!

Last night, for dinner, I made a mexican layered casserole. I used a bag of frozen spinach, a can of green chiles, some chicken & sauteed onions mixed together. Then, I layered this filling with corn tortillas, monterey jack cheese (& a little cheddar) and green enchilada sauce (that I mixed with a can of evap.milk). It turned out really yummy. It was very cheesy & delicious.

Adelaide, who doesn't eat much at dinner usually (because she's picky), wouldn't even taste it. Allison either, which is a surprise. Amelia likes spinach, so she tried it right away & liked it. Adam was SO funny. First of all, he knows that he HAS to eat what he is given & that there's no use arguing about it. I thought he liked spinach, but apparently, it's "OK", and he eats it beacuse he has to. Anyway, he tried the casserole & his statement was, "This is really good mom."

I said, "Thank You."
Bry said, "Yes, it's great. Mom did a good job, huh?"
Adam then replied, "Yeah. You can't even taste the spinach. The other stuff covers the spinach taste."

It was so funny. Bry & I just looked at each other, surprised. I was happy he liked it so well, but it TOTALLY tasted like spinach! Oh well, I should just be happy that 1/2 of the kids ate dinner. I consider that a "win".


LOL I love that Adam said it didn't taste like spinach when that's what it did taste like. Such a kid thing to say. Watched 16 Candles last night and thought of you. 'Oh Sexy Girlfriend!!'
The Queen Bee said…
Your recipe sounds like a good one I'll have to try it. I think your kids would starve at my house!

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