Keep on Truckin'

Last week, my brother, Daniel, passed through Bloomington on his way back west from Chicago. It was good. The kids were able to see his truck this time & they loved it. We picked Daniel up from the truck stop. Adelaide was excited that I put her up into the truck.
Amelia & Allison...Not so much.
Adam thought the whole thing was just SO cool.
After dinner, we brought Daniel back to drop him off. Amelia decided she DID want to get into the truck, so we had to do it all over again. Adam was obsessed with the fact that there was a bunk-bed in the truck. I let the kids get up there for a minute. Here's Adelaide's "scared" face. I think she was being silly. Everyone got to sit in the big seat behind the steering wheel.Just a pic of Daniel & the kids in front of the truck. Too cute!


~paulette said…
well, daniel made it home safe. James and i had lunch/dinner with him yesterday. I think he takes off again this week--don't know where to. These pics are awesome though. I still can't get over how fast your cuties are growing!

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