Happy Birthday Grandma!

Grandma's birthday was on Sunday. We spent the day having fun with her. Bryan decided it was a good day to make his ribs that he's been dieing to cook. While the ribs were on the BBQ (for about 2 hours), the kids had a water fight. Uncle Ricky took some awesome pictures while the kids played.
Adelaide trying to shoot uncle Ricky
Amelia had a better shot.Adam & RyanRyan..Dustin Ryan. 012Grandma layed in the shade & read her book. - I talked her into reading Twilight.Here's Griffin shooting this big water squirter thing.Adam got shot in the back of the head while filling his little squirt gun.Adelaide dumped her watering can out on her head.I brought out this bucket to make it easier for the kids to fill their guns. They're just so darn cute! Allison couldn't squirt anyone, but she liked playing in the water too.Adam squirted Griffin......And then chased him around the yard.Bryan hanging out by the grill.Can you say Payback?Adelaide is so funny. She's cold & wet.Ryan got a chance to spray the others too.
Dance! PUNK!Isn't she a sweetie??They were teasing poor Ryan.
He looks like he wet his pants.Griffin is a little cutie too.Adam is mad that Adelaide has HIS towel. She is trying to explain to him that she is cold.
Can you guess who won?Allison hugging Adelaide. Obviously, Adam got his towel back.It seems like only a few of us like cake, so we had birthday brownies. Yummy! Brownies with ice cream & chocolate syrup.Make a wish, Grandma.


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