Forgotten Photos

We're missing grandma & the boys since they left. I found a few pics that I hadn't posted yet.

Here are all the kids. Allison did not want to cooperate (maybe she was just annoyed that Adam was trying to grab her). Good looking bunch I might add.I thought this photo was cute. I know Allison is missing, but you can't have everything.
Ryan, Griffin & I built the small arch @ the children's museum here in town.
Then, we let Griffin knock it down. :-)

Ryan played with Adelaide a little bit. I think she was trying to drive screws into a piece of wood?Adam enjoys climbing in this thing. I like it, because it is really high & goes up to the 3rd floor, but kids can ONLY enter/exit on the 2nd floor. - No running up to find my kid!Ricky had to prove that he actually did help while he was here.

And, thanks to my FIL, Dave, my basement has lights & electrical. It's good to know an electrician.

We went to Ming's while everyone was here, and Bryan had to "show off" by getting Amelia to eat sushi. She likes the tuna pretty well.


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