We spent this last Saturday in Chicago. Our hotel that we stayed in, was near Oakbrook, so we had to drive into the city. We stopped at the United Center, because Uncle Ricky wanted to see the Michael Jordan statue.
It took us a few tries, but I think this shot is great. I think he wants to make some sort of poster.
After that, we went to the Museum of Science & Industry. Thanks to my friend's directions, we didn't have to PAY for the museum parking (which would've been $14 X 2 cars). That museum is AWESOME! Thanks to Sharon for encouraging us to go there. I definitely under-esimated the size of it though. Did you know that The Museum of Science & Industry (in Chicago) is the LARGEST science museum in the Western hemisphere. Apparently, it is. I will definitely go back again. We were there for 3-4 hours & saw only a few of the exhibits.
We spent quite a bit of time in the railroad exhibit. Grandpa LOVES trains! So (of course), all the kids like them too.
Ryan, Griffin & Adam watching the train go by.
I don't think Allison understood that we were all watching the trains, but she sure liked this little step she found.
There is an extra submarine tour exhibit that they have right now. Bryan took Amelia, Adam, Ryan & Uncle Ricky to go see the sub. While they were gone, the rest of us played in "The Idea Factory". Allison & Adelaide got to see-saw. They had fun in the little playhouse.
And of course, they played in the water. - Adelaide got the most wet...She really gets into her "work".
Griffin liked doing this maze & played for a long time in the water.
Allison pretty much stayed in the little toddler area. She really liked the little table & chairs.
Like I said, I totally want to go again. There is SO much we didn't get to see. And, because I'm a member at our local children's museum, I got FREE general admission. I love it. It's so awesome! Fun at home & on-the-go.


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