Breakfast for Dinner

I love breakfast foods. BUT, I hate getting up to make breakfast in the morning. So, I enjoy making breakfast for dinner. Bry sometimes disagrees, but I like it. It's usually easy & yummy.

I like to have French Toast, but it seems like everyone else would rather have pancakes or waffles instead. When I do make French Toast, I usually make too much (expecting them to eat more I guess). This time, I think I used 20 slices of bread (this is a lot considering I have 2 adults & 4 picky kids). I made them super-cute though. I cut them into heart-shapes with a sandwich cutter I have (that cost me all of 25 cents at a garage sale). They were SO yummy. I mixed brown sugar (I ran out of white) & vanilla in with the egg & milk. They were delicious with just a little butter on them. Mmmm....Wow, how blog-happy am I? I know I'm crazy. I was making these Saturday & HAD to take pics for the blog. I think I can admit that is an obsession.

BTW - The kids ate them ALL! Every single little heart. Even Adam, who asked if he "had" to have hearts...couldn't he have a square French Toast. They ate 'em up. Mia even asked this morning if she could have French Toast for breakfast. Maybe another day...


La Smala said…
I got a cutter like that with dinosaurs, I'll have to try that, but not in the morning either, that's just never gonna happen in our house...unless Reed does it. We have breakfast-dinner on Sundays.

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