Blogging Addiction?

This one is for Syndy & Jessica who corrupted me....I mean, got me onto the Blogger bandwagon.


I was 72%. LOL Better than I thought it would be. Have you read Breaking Dawn yet?
~paulette said…
loving your blog, btw. and i LOVE your purple monkey blog. hope you keep that one too :) i'm telling my friends about it just cuz i think it's way cool. i finally got your links put up on mine :) LOVES
Kim said…
Yeah, the Purple Monkey blog is just something silly, that I haven't really advertized. It's cool that you discovered it (not that it's hidden or anything). It might evolve into something else, but right now, it's just a commentary on our obsession with the Purple Monkey.
I LOVE your new look too! Sorry I have been a blog lurker on your site. Not much time to post replies these days but it is fun that you have joined the blog world!! I LOVE it! I just need to stop complaining on mine and get back to some fun posts! :-)

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