1st Week of School

Adam's first day of school was last Wednesday. They do things weird here. Wednesday was a 1/2 day, then Thursday & Friday were full days of school. Anyway, it's been a whole week since the 1st day of school. I know Adam is sad to see the summer end, but I think he is looking forward to a new school year. He is sad that some people are in different classes, but I think he likes his new teacher, Mrs. Stout. These are a few pics of the 1st day - Sporting some new clothes & a spikey new do.


Kieran saw this as I was seeing it for the first time and he said, "who is that in the picture?" I said, "that's Adam." He said, "wow I didn't even recognize him. He looks totally different." This makes me really sad. We miss you guys!! Adam the new do is totally wicked. you rock man! 80)
Papa said…
Adam really looks different than he did a year ago. He's really growing up, isn't he?

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