Yummy, Easy Sunday Dinner

Eat what you grow, right? Well, I didn't take any more pics of the zucchini, but we actually picked some. We had enough to actually have some with our dinner tonight, which turned out to be pretty tasty. I julienned (large sticks) the zucchini & sauteed it with olive oil, butter & onions. While it cooked, I seasoned it with some garlic salt. When the zucchini was cooked, I threw in some fresh basil (also from our garden) and tossed it with some hot gemelli pasta & about 2 more Tbsp of butter.

While I was cooking @ the stove, Bry grilled some hamburger patties from the freezer. When they were done, I poured some roasted garlic tomato sauce (right from the can) on them, and sprinkled them with mozzarella cheese. I was excited about using MY basil, so I even put a leaf of basil on top of each "Pizza Burger". I finished them off under the broiler to melt the cheese & get it all bubbly & gooey. Yum!!

Well, most of the kids actually gobbled up dinner. My kids love pasta & I think they were excited that WE grew the zucchini. Amelia & Bry actually planted them initially. I made a big deal and asked if everyone told her how good the zucchini was that she grew. She was so cute. She smiled her biggest smile.

With regard to the "Pizza-Burgers" - Adam was a little resistant at first. He was very excited that dad was cooking burgers, then not-so-much when I started "messing" with them. Amelia, on the other hand, thought that it sounded yummy & acted as if it was the best idea anyone had ever had (she's funny like that). The "Pizza-Burgers" were a success & will probably make another appearance. Hmmm...maybe some Kaiser rolls & garlic butter. mmm.... Yes, I believe there will HAVE to be an encore.


What a nice way to end such a great weekend! I am glad that you got to use ingredients from your own garden! I am so jealous! I love that Adam was suspicious about the 'pizza burgers'.

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