Weekend in Review

Our weekend started early. We picked up our friend, Chris, about 8am Friday morning. He needed to catch a plane in St. Louis, so we thought it would be great to take a little mini-vacation & stay over for a night. We had a good time. After dropping Chris at the airport, we found an Uno's. I haven't had Uno's since we lived in Phoenix. They have the best deep-dish pizza! It was great.

After lunch, we went to The Magic House, which is a children's museum. Because we have passes to our local hometown children's museum, we got in for member price - FREE. Awesome! We spent several hours there (I have pics & will do another post later). The kids had a lot of fun. Bry & I had fun too, but it's tiring when 4 different kids want to go 4 different directions. *sigh*

After the Magic House, we grabbed drinks at Sonic & went to find our hotel. I got a new cellphone recently, and Verizon was doing a promo for their GPS VZ Navigator Application. We used this to help us navigate & get around. It was really cool. It (of course) talked to you like other GPS devices, but it also could search for local restaurants & businesses. I thought it was very helpful to have on our trip. After we took our stuff to the hotel, the kids were DIE-ing to go swimming. We swam for a little while until Allison & I got too chilly. Everybody went upstairs & I made a "food run" for dinner. After dinner, Bry gave in & took Adam, Amelia & Adelaide swimming some more, while Allison & I hung out and relaxed in the room.

Saturday, we went to the St. Louis Zoo. Now, in Phoenix, we have 2 zoos that I've been to - The Phoenix Zoo & the Wildlife World Zoo. Both have their pros & cons, and I like each for different reasons. However, admission to the Phoenix Zoo costs $14 for adults & $6 for kids. The other is even worse at $17 for adults and $9 for kids. Now, I know that this helps the zoo buy food for the animals, maintain the facilities, etc. But, are you kidding me!?! You expect me to pay $46 or $61 to go see a bunch of animals? My hubby doesn't even care for the zoo. Anyway, this little rant brings me back to St. Louis. It was free to get into the general part of the zoo. Yes, they had other things that they charged admission to (the sea lion show, train, children's zoo, etc.), but we just went in and walked around. I was worried that I should've purchased tickets for some of the various avtivities, but I am glad my hubby talked me out of it. We saw SO many cool animals, and we still quit before we saw everything.

Overall, we had a good little mini-Vacation. And now, I can look forward to playing hostess for my in-laws for 2 weeks.


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