July 10, 2008


Adelaide called for me saying that Allison was trapped. I could hear Allison whining in nothing more than irritaion & distress. When I first came over, she was much more upset, but obviously she's not that bothered now.

Apparently, my little scavenger saw a chip on the floor that someone had dropped on the floor & pounced on it. Somehow, she ended up IN the barstool.

She was stuck at first, but figured her way out. Adelaide, as it turns out, was more upset than Allison that I did not save her. Too funny.

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The Cowand Family said...

All of my kids have at one time or another managed to "trap" themselves under and inside one of the kitchen chairs or stools. It always cracks me up. I have pics of each of them crying and looking at me like I am torturing them by not helping them out. LOL I love that Adelaide was more upset than Allison.