Why is it SO much fun to test your boundaries? Why is it SO much more fun to continue doing things that you've been told to stop? And why is it SO fun to get others to break the rules with you?

Amelia has a terrible habit of climbing in the speaker to reach stuff on the mantle. She has fallen before & has been told many, many times not to climb up there. Yesterday, she decided that it would be a good idea to hang from the mantle & let her feet dangle. I told her to stop and explained to her that she could get hurt & that daddy would be mad if she made the shelf break off the wall. (There's NO WAY - she's only about 28 lbs. soaking wet).

Her next idea was convince Adelaide to do the same thing that she had, just seconds before, been told not to do. I told Adelaide not to do it again. Apparently, I did not react as harshly as Amelia thought I would, because she hopped up & did it some more.

Neither of the girls would stop, so they ended up in time-out.

I had to have a talk with Mia about not telling other people to do bad stuff, when we know they will get into trouble. For a while, she was being very defiant & talking back. Wow, I am in for it. This is how she acts @ 4??


Cute pic of them with their heads down in Time Out. In regards to the defiant one....that which does kill us makes us stronger. LOL

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