Swim Lessons - Take 2

I put Amelia & Adam in swim lessons during the 1st session. I did not put Adelaide in for 2 major reasons: 1-She was too young to take a class by herself. (She barely turned 3 - under 3, I'd have to take a class with her.) 2-I didn't know if she would freak out & I didn't want to waste the money.

Well, after seeing the way she played in the water at State Farm Pool, we decided to put Adelaide in lessons too. She has been doing really well. She likes playing catch & jumping up & down in the water. I think she needs to practice her "bobs" though (She doesn't actually go underwater). Her teacher's name is Maddy. She's real sweet & excited to see the kids. Adelaide asks everyday if Maddy will be her teacher. Well, at least for a few more days next week... Adam knows how to swim, but I hope that he learns some, well - "Technique." He does a dog paddle & swims underwater pretty well. He seems to enjoy his lessons, but he complains that he is the ONLY boy. It's him & 3 girls. I'm sure in a few years, I'll look back fondly & tease him about the swim lessons with all the girls.

Amelia enjoys her lessons too. Her teacher is Mark. It's funny. Mark was her substitute for one class when Hannah wasn't there. Amelia freaked out & it took a long time for us to get her into the water with Mark. On Monday (this week) when lessons started, I told her Mark was her teacher. "You remember Mark...When Hannah was gone?" Yup. She remembered him & we had NO problems. Awesome. It's funny to watch her though, she is the smallest one in her group. They go out into the water & it's about mid-chest (or higher) on her & waist-high (maybe?) on the other 2 kids. She still jumps around & goes underwater. She has a great time.

Poor Allison - this is how she spends most of the lesson. I keep her in the stroller, because I KNOW she will get into the water. She watches some & yells. Plays with some toys & shares my water (yeah...). She has been pretty good for the most part. Tomorrow, then 4 days next week...we can hang in there.


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