Sunday in Springfield

On Sunday, we took a little day-trip with my in-laws who are visiting from AZ. We went to see the Abraham Lincoln Home, the Train Depot and Lincoln's Tomb. It was interesting, but hard to entertain little ones who don't know/care who Abraham Lincoln was.Here's the Lincoln home. One of Lincoln's sons (?) sold it to the Government for $1, with the condition that they could never charge an admission & it should be staged as if it was the year that Lincoln left Springfield to campaign for the presidency.Here's a pic of Bry's mom. The railing on the stairs was apparently "original". Ooooo...I touched the same rail as Abe Lincoln. Cool. We went by the Presidential Library, but decided that there really wasn't anything for kids & we didn't have anything in mind to research.

Here's my nephew, Ryan.
I thought this was the funniest sign. I know the context is railroad cars, but I still thought it was funny.We also went to Lincoln's Tomb, but I didn't get any pics. Bry forgot to take the camera with him while I stayed in the car with 3 sleeping beauties. I think they all had a pretty good time.


That is so cool!!! When we come to visit, whenever that is, you had better take us to good ole Abe's house too. I would love to see that!!
normal mom said…
The presidential museum is actually pretty cool. Older kids can handle the exhibits quite well. For little ones, there is a little room called "Mrs. Lincoln's Attic". It's full of dress up, a doll house, a play frontier kitchen, and frontier games. That's where my girls like to go.
Lincoln's eyes movie is cool, but Alanah freaked the first time we saw it. Now she loves it. The Ghosts in the Library movie is much more tame and very cool multimedia experience. We've taken the girls twice and they've had a great time. We haven't tried Lincoln's home yet, but I also enjoyed the tomb much more than I thought I would.

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