A Day at the Pool

For those who don't know, my in-laws & 2 nephews have been visiting us this week. This is one reason I haven't had a chance to blog. Yesterday was a good day. Grandma took all the grandkids (minus Allison) to see Space Chimps. They LOVED it. This is a regular ritual for grandma, and Adam has really missed it. Later, we went to State Farm Pool to swim. Now, you have to understand that we went to the pool on Thursday & FROZE! It was a nice day (maybe 75 degrees) and a little breezy. The water was warm, but you were freezing when you got out. Yesterday, it was great. We swam for a while, then ate dinner. Then, the kids swam some more. The boys all psyched themselves up to going off the diving board & trying the big, red slide. Well, they LOVED it! I sat watching them for 45 minutes or so. They just slid then went right up to do it again. Adam jumped off the diving board & then got out and back to jump again. Crazy.
This is a little video clip of the boys and the big slide they loved so much. "We love you mom."
This is Griffin talking excitedly to his big brother, Ryan. Isn't he cute?
Here comes Ryan!

Griffin is Crazy! Adam would yell all the way down - You could totally hear him coming!

Cannonball! You go Ryan!

Griffin is ready...

Cool cousins...Ryan, Adam & Griffin.

Just a few diving board shots...

...Griffin & Ryan
These are my in-laws... Pat & Dave. This is a pretty good pic, isn't it Katy?I know he'll probably kill me, but I really like this photo of Bry. He's my sweetheart. I love you dear.
What better pic to end with, than this sweetie? Allison loves to be in the water.


Allison really is so sweet! Tell Bry I said, "Hubba Hubba" HA HA HA HA HA HA LOL

Those boys look so cute um cool together.

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