I just had to share a little experience we had today. I had an appointment to do some blood work today. So, after swim lessons, we got everyone changed into dry clothes & headed over to the doctor's office. This year, our insurance changed, and I decided to try a "Family Practice" doctor. (This means we ALL have the same doc. - It's actually kinda nice.) Well, the office has a little play area that the kids always beeline to. I told them as we walked in that we would not be waiting long & to stay close. - They all did really well & listened. (Wow!)

Then, after checking in with the receptionist, we began to wind through the halls to the lab. This too was an adventure...they have made a path to follow by taping yellow tape to the wall, just above the baseboard. Amelia was our leader & followed the "path" very well. (I had already been to the lab before, but I played up the part for her to "lead the way".) Eventually, the tape ended. She didn't understand at first, until I pointed to the sign that said "Lab" on the door.

We then went into the little waiting room. Amelia immediately sat & picked up a magazine. It was SO funny to see her flipping through the pages just like she did it everyday. Adelaide asked some miscellaneous questions about the doctors and some of the lab techs. Adam sat next to me playing with (and annoying) Allison who sat buckled into the stroller. They called me in & I sat in this huge recliner style chair. Amelia & Adelaide peeked at me & I told them they could come over & watch. I let Adelaide sit in the chair with me. As the tech got ready, the girls asked about how she would get my blood out, and if it would hurt, etc.

The tech said that they didn't need to worry & that "Mommy won't cry." Then she started by tying that stupid rubber-band thing around my arm. I made a comment about how tight it was. And her reply, "Remember, we said you weren't going to cry." I told Adelaide, who was next to me, "Did you hear that? She said I'm a crybaby." The girls laughed & thought that was funny.

She only had to take 1 large vial of blood & the girls were awe-struck to see "Mommy's Blood". It was pretty funny.


Kieran turned green when they took my blood during my last pregnancy...Liam on the other hand who was used to it was completely unsympathetic. McKenna was still too little to notice. But if you have seen someone with freckles turn green its actually quite funny. LOL What did you end up doing for dinner?

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