Adelaide's 3rd Birthday Party

The Clarks were leaving for CA on July 1st, so we decided to have a little impromptu birthday party on the 28th. We had the Clarks & the Twitchells over. We had a BBQ & grilled hamburgers & hot dogs. The kids played, and the adults talked & played "Phase 10". We had a good time.
Adelaide was SO cute! We put 3 candles in her cupcake. I lit them & we started singing. "Happy birthday to you..." And, before we finished, right about the "dear Adelaide" part, she blew out her candles. We were all caught off-guard. It was SO funny, because Amelia was right at her arm waitiing to "help" blow the candles. Too Cute!

These are of our little party guests.
Adelaide was not "too" messy. Isn't she photogenic? She's gorgeous, EVEN covered in cake & frosting. I'm jealous.

When I gave Allison a cupcake, she stuck her face in it & started eating - FROSTING first.
I held-back a few gifts, so she'd have some to open ON her actual birthday. She loved the package that Aunt Katy sent. Thank you!
Grandma & grandpa sent Adelaide a Toys R' Us gift card. She picked this pink phone that she fell-in-love with. We also bought the games "Ants in the Pants" and "Don't Spill the Beans". Talk about bang-for-the-buck. "Thank You Grandma!!!"
Who couldn't love these 2 Cheesy grins??


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