Swimming Lessons

I put Amelia & Adam in swimming lessons this time around. They missed the testing day, so Adam had to be tested right before his lesson. He can swim (dog paddle), but he cannot float on his back or his front. I would like him to learn some more techniques for the water and/or some actual swimming strokes.
I would have liked to put everyone in swimming lessons, but Adelaide is too young (at least this session) to do a lesson by herself. - I would have to participate in the "Mommy & Me" lessons. Amelia was really excited from the very beginning. Can you tell?

At first, Adam & Mia were in the same 1.1 level class with Hannah. One of the managers happened to be watching & changed him to another level for the 2nd lesson. He seems to be having a good time & catches on pretty quickly.
I am excited that they are teaching Adam to NOT hold his nose while he swims. He could swim SO much better if he used BOTH arms.

The lessons are at one of the high schools. It's a pretty nice pool. As you can see, it's too deep for most of these kids to stand very well, if at all.
One thing you should understand about Mia... She HATES getting water in her face & eyes. Just washing her hair in the bathtub is an ordeal... Heaven forbid you mention the possibility of her getting in the shower, and you could be in for the breakdown of the century. During the very first lesson, Mia agreed to dip her face in the water.
By the end of the 2nd lesson, Hannah had Mia doing a "bob" (going under water). Awesome!

We are halfway through our lessons. We have them this week too. The kids seem to be enjoying themselves, and Mia is a lot more confident in the water. Adelaide feels left out, because we leave her & Allison home with daddy when we go. She says she wants to do "swimm-y lessons" too, but I still have my doubts. Adelaide IS more confident in the water, but we'll just have to wait & see. Maybe I should take a class with her. Maybe, I could put her in a session after her birthday. We will have to see.


YAY Mia!! What a big girl to put her head in the water when she's so scraed of it. And Adam I am not surprised he is picking it up fast. He's a very smart kid! I think you should do the mommy and me with Adelaide. I think you and she would have so much fun together. BUT you have to do it when Bry can come or a friend so that we can see pics of you both together. 80)

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