Rainy Day at the Splash-Park

As I mentioned yesterday, it was a bit gray & rainy. But, I took the kids to the park to play in the water. They had a great time. We got some pretty cute pics of all the kids. Mia thought it was funny to step on the water to block it from coming out.
Adam really liked trying to squirt people... He was actually being a little punk. :-)

Adelaide & Amelia had little watering cans from the dollar store. They enjoyed "watering" the dry parts of the sidewalk.
Allison was SO funny! She doesn't really like to be sprayed, but she was SO excited to be out & about. She would run up to the edge of the rubberized water area and turn around & run back. Of course, she was screaming & squealing with delight the whole time. Too Cute!
This is one of the last pics I took at the park. - K is explaining to me (& her mom) that she would like to stay a little longer & that she's not cold. Do you believe her?


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